Burn the Ships-I’m Going Out in Style!

by jlaine on October 23, 2014

Hello Lovelies and Stylish Ones.

For the last 4+ years I have lived and breathed fashion, style, organization, and closets. I’ve worked with many of you to clear your clutter and in the process, your lives were transformed. It surprised you, and sometimes the transformations were so great they even surprised me!

I’ve loved this work, and like my years in interiors and art before, I know that I know that I know that for this moment in time this is what I was on the planet to do. Yet as life goes along, as it should, we evolve and explore new interests. My new interests have led me full circle along my path of beauty and aesthetics to architecture, homes, and real estate. I am completely captivated and passionate about my new line of work, because it means I get to serve my clients in finding their perfect sanctuary for this stage of their lives. It also means I get to serve them by assisting them in selling their homes when it’s time for them to move along. And oh, how I love to help with this process, to use my eye of style and design in helping to present a home to buyers-gorgeous, glorious, and clutter free!

It’s interesting to make this kind of segue in my life, as so much of what we do now is online and for all the world to see. Many people have told me not to let go of my style business, to hang on to it ‘just in case’. Now I will say that I am still working with a handful of clients here and there, these are the tried-and-true loyalists that believed in me throughout and to whom I will remain loyal as well. However, at this stage I’m not seeking new clients or business in this field, simply because I’m devoting all my energy to my new clients and career full time.

I love the story of Cortez, the 16th century Spanish Conquistador (side note: don’t you just love the word ‘Conquistador’? Somehow I must find a way to bring this word back into my everyday vernacular). Anyhoo, back to Cortez. At that time the Aztecs were the world’s superpower, with tons of gold and a big ol’ empire they had ruled for six centuries. Upon arriving on the shores of the Yucatan, Cortez had one laser-focused mission: conquer the Aztecs and bring back their mountains of gold. But rather than mess around with namby-pamby “Let’s see how this goes” or “Welllll, if this doesn’t work out there’s always Plan B”, Cortez went all or nothing with this little ditty to his men: “Burn the ships“. In other words, we’re either doing this big time and leaving in their ships, or we’re dying here. Just so you know. There is no in-between. There is no room for failure.

This story so resonates with me because it gets straight to the heart of the matter: not playing it safe, and going for life FULL OUT. There is no room for Plan B. There is no room for failure. A tad dramatic? Perhaps, but it is also this type of focus and determination that makes for success and living a life that you love.

It’s this same passion and zeal that I’ll bring to my clients in real estate, the same desire to bring excellence to all that I touch, with every detail attended to, and then some.

To those of you that supported me in my last business, thank you. Keep those closets organized, and live your best style! If you need to reach me from now on, you can find me over at Rodeo Realty, JillLaine@RodeoRE.com. My fondest wish for you  is that you’ll also live to burn your ships, and go full-on where life takes you!





Clutter. Unless you’ve simplified your life to some ridiculous level (like going off-grid and living in a 300 square foot shack), you’ll have to learn how to deal with extra stuff in your life. Whether it’s gifts you can’t use, a deluge of email in your inbox, or just plain stuff that’s been hanging around for ages, clutter can build up over time and drive you crazy. Left unattended, clutter can take over, and in the worst case scenario, even land you a starring role on the show “Hoarders”.

Clutter is noise, in it’s purest form clutter is just junk that is keeping you from all that’s really good in your life. Like your family, your time, peace, and sanity. Seeing that clutter is so diabolical, I’m going as far to call it your mortal enemy. Here’s why:

1. Clutter wastes your time. What is more precious in your life than time? Time is your most valuable resource, not even money can buy a second of it back. So when you can’t find your car keys under your pile of paperwork and garbage on your desk, and it takes you 30 minutes to dig through all the rubbish to finally locate your keys, not only are you frustrated, you just wasted a whole heap o’time that you could have spent on doing something more profitable, or fun, and certainly less stressful and aggravating.

2. Clutter makes you confused and crazy. Looking over and over for something that you can’t find because you’re not organized is the stuff that makes lobotomies seem enjoyable. Like a trip to the park on a perfect summer day. When you have too much stuff and you can’t find what you need, you then get to play the game of “Where did I put this?” “I thought it was here” “I thought I just had this, where did it go?” This can seriously drive you to the loony bin, or the very least, the bar. 

3. Clutter keeps you stuck. All the extra crap you have lying around is old, stuck energy. Moving that stuff out creates a clean, open space for magical new things to appear. What would it be like if you could see your desk? If you could find the bill that you need to reference? If you could see into your closet so that getting dressed would be effortless and easy? This is a new way of being that makes life so much less hair-raising, and so much more enjoyable.

If you need help with clutter, look no further. In addition to doing closets, I tackle clutter throughout your life, in all forms. You can reach me at Jill@JillLaineStyle.com, to set up a time where we can talk about tackling your clutter crisis, once and for all!



How Men Are Exactly Like Your Closet

by jlaine on December 4, 2013

Hello Stylish One!

Did I pique your interest? Yes, I’m about to explain what men and your closet have in common. Because how you do you closet is how you do everything, did you know that? Not only does this apply to the men in your life, it applies to your other relationships as well.

1. Good, Better, and Best 

This is a principle that harkens back to my interior design days, and working with antiques. Take three very similar items, like a side table. Let’s say all are 18th century, just for kicks. One of our tables is definitely Good: it’s in good condition for it’s age and will command a couple thousand. Next is a table that has a few more flourishes, the details are more refined and the condition as well. This table moves us into Better and the five figures. But take the same style table and add a specific cabinet maker’s mark, exquisite details and condition…the Best at six figures. It always makes me laugh when I hear people say “but I saw one just like mine on the Antique’s Roadshow”, because many times there is a huge difference that only an expert eye can decipher.

Pair of Regency Card Tables, $35,00, 1stDibs.com

When I’m helping a client style their closet this is one of my favorite tools to use. Many, many things are ‘good’. In this country we’re inundated with good, surrounded by it, swimming in it. Good equals average. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing in me that wants to be average!  Better is finding something you really like, maybe even something that pushes your comfort zone a bit. Best is the holy grail, it’s the item you get complimented on constantly, the one that speaks to your style soul and makes you feel awake and alive. When it comes to your closet, fill it with the best. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a bundle, you can find the best at Target, Zara, J.Crew, or H&M, as I often do. It’s about having the eye and knowing your Unique Style Archetype, and of course, what you love.

So how does this apply to men, and your relationships? There’s the Good (good = average) guy, he’s fun to hang out with from time to time, but you don’t have a lot in common and you know that you know this relationship is a dead end. Still he’s better than no guy, you say. Or is he? Maybe the average guy is taking away time from persuing your Better guy, or (gasp!) even Best guy. My advice in your relationships and your closet, get rid of the average so that you can fill your life with the best.

2. It’s All About Love

If there is one message I’ve been known to preach over lo, these many years, it is this: Buy What You Love. How many times have you heard someone say “Maybe I should buy this, I kind of like it”? Aargh! Similiar to the Good/Better/Best theory, tune in to the items you love and buy accordingly. Yes, you’ll still need some practical items, some needed basics that support your beloved pieces. Yet each and every day you need to be adorning yourself with Love, and items that you Love, Luv!

When shopping for clothes, or shopping for a man, it’s really all about the love. Don’t accept any less.

3. Get Rid

With so many of the closets that I align and adjust, my clients are agast at how many old, stained, ill-fitting and dated items they’ve let build up over time. They feel completely disconnected from their closet because it is no longer serving their style, their brilliance, or their life. This isn’t something to be ashamed about, it can happen to anyone. We evolve, our lives evolve, yet for many of us our closet stays stuck in 1995. Shopping for more stuff won’t fix this, it will only complicate the issue because you’re just piling more into a black hole. It has a band aid effect, you can wear a few of those new items for a while, but in the end you really need a major closet adjustment to release what’s no longer serving you in order to unleash your best style.

I think you know where I’m going with this. There are relationships of all kinds that have run their course. Does this mean we just throw men, or relationships away when they are no longer serving our ego? Nope, not saying that. I’m asking you to be aware of how the people around you interact with you and how you feel around them. Are they critical? Manipulative? Angry? It might be time to consider removing them, or at least taking several big, big steps back. 

For my clients I recommend that they fill  their closets with items that love and support them. And I recommend that for relationships too. Look for genuine people with big hearts that support you. And be one of those types of people as well. Let go of those that don’t fit you anymore. Bless them and release them if necessary. You can only blossom into your best, most amazing and beautiful self when you’re surrounded by those that encourage this flourishing, this becoming. You’re doing yourself, and the rest of the world a favor by unleashing the very best that you have to offer. 

Need some help in discovering your best style, and aligning your closet? I offer a free 30 minute discovery coaching call where I’ll help you discover your Unique Style Archetype, and set you on your way to feeling more beautiful and confident!


Hello Stylish One!

Tis the season for holiday revelry, and a fancy party or twenty two. When throwing a bash at your home this year, consider your overall style. How does your home represent your legacy and your authentic style? Bring ALL of your best style into alignment….your home, your closet, and everything you touch. How? Start by being aware of your Unique Style Archetype, and then go forth to decorate and adorn yourself accordingly. I’ve compiled a few little treasures below to inspire you to greatness.

High Glamour

Never met a red lipstick you didn’t like? If black patent and leopard are basics in your closet, then you must be High Glamour! For your party you’ll need lots of champagne to go with your fainting couch, red wine strictly prohibited!

Leopard puffy sleeve blouse, $69 at Pixiemarket.com 


Barclay Butera One Arm Chaise, $3499 at OneKingsLane.com

Vintage Romantic

If your favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn and/or Zooey Deschanel, then you are most likely a Vintage Romantic. Here’s your party dress, with chairs to match! You are SO welcome.

Starlit Stripes Dress, $248 at Anthropologie

Pair of Mid Century Modern High Back Chairs, $6475 at 1stDibs.com

Sleek Sophisticate

The colors in your palette consist of black, gray, and black. You like avant garde designers and contemporary style in your home and your wardrobe, without clutter or fuss. For your party, guests can enjoy vodka on the rocks, sans olive. You keep it clean and polished, just like this jaw-dropping cocktail table from Alexandra Von Furstenburg.

Faux leather peplum top, $79.90 at Zara.com

Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table, $20,000 at AlexandraVonFurstenburg.com

Golden Girl

You like your stuff to be like you: pretty, trendy, modern, with some sparkle and shine. For you, Golden Girl, illuminate your party with plenty of candles and mirrors to cast a soft glow, while your guests nibble and nosh on your homemade creations. Can I get an invite?

Bronzed brocade trousers, $168 at Anthropologie

Assortment of mirrors and silvered glass Victorian cake dome, Wisteria.com

If you’re stuck in the mire of too many fashion options, let me help you discover your best style! Contact me for a free 30 minute consult, at Jill@JillLaineStyle.com



Hello Stylish One!

I’m sure you’ve heard of creating a financial legacy, a family legacy, or a legacy with your company or business. But did you ever consider creating a style legacy as well?

A style legacy is the fullest essence of all layers of yourself here and now, though it is also something you’ll leave behind. Think of Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, or Jane Birkin. Even with all the excitement, drama and richness in their history, the first thought or image I have around these women is their lasting style. Their style legacy. With each, their style was so intertwined with their personality and their life that you can’t even concieve of one without the other. 

Here are 3 ways that you can begin to define and design your own style legacy:

1. Define your Unique Style Archetype and own it

Understanding your Unique Style Archetype (USA) is a game changer. Once you get all the twists, turns, and nuances of your style, you understand how it inspires you and drives you in ways you didn’t before realize. Owning your USA creates crystal clarity in what to buy, and what to avoid. It creates complete alignment in your closet, since you won’t be tempted to hang on to those items that don’t support you. 

I offer an in-depth analysis that reveals your Unique Style Archetype in my packages, but you can get a lighter version in my eBook, ‘The Conscious Closet‘.

2. Bring your closet and wardrobe into alignment with your USA, and be congruent no matter what the occasion

Armed with the details of your Unique Style Archetype, you’ll be prepared no matter the occasion. Whether it’s yoga or a red carpet event, you’ll show up consistently and authentically yourself each and every time. Now your style has deliberate intention behind it, it’s the expression and voice that is the ultimate you!

3. Own and wear an exquisite item, define your signature piece

What’s a piece that makes your style soul sing? Is it a handbag, a watch, a ring? This is going to be the shining star, the accoutrement that you wear frequently, if not every day. Exquisite can be a vintage bauble that’s $50, or a Cartier watch that is $50,000. You get to decide, let your USA guide you. Let this be the signature of your brilliance and beauty, your bespoke style.

And don’t fret, you don’t have to choose this signature item for time and eternity. If you decide in 6 months to switch to a new signature piece, go for it! The point is to wear an item that is an outward representation of your inner strength, essence and style. It makes you feel rich. Because you are!

To schedule a 30 minute ‘get to know your style’ discovery session with me, email Jill@JillLaineStyle.com

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine



Hello Stylish One!

As you are aware, lest you be living in a cave, Halloween is once again upon us. Even if you’re not participating, it’s always so much fun to see the creativity and wit that comes with Halloween costumes. Sure, there are the ever present ‘kitty’ or ‘witch’ costumes that have been done to death, but then there are new creations each year that are downright amazing to behold!

Similar to donning a costume, fashion allows us the opportunity to decide how we want to show up, and who we want to be in the world each and every day. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are my musings on how to channel a particular personna.


This is a powerful look, albeit a bit playful as well. Think red lipstick, studded boots, statement jewelry, leather items and a confident, I’ve-got-it-all attitude! To keep from looking like an extra on the set of ‘Grease’, use the aforementioned items in moderation. 


Valentino Ballerinia Flat, $695 at Nordstrom


For an unabashedly feminine and demure look remember the basics: lace, pearls, ruffles, pencil skirts and pumps. I always love to think of Marilyn Monroe when I’m dolling up this way and her breathy, womanly wiles. 

Bri Seeley Eleanor Tan Lace Dress, $210. BriSeeley.Luevo.com


When you need a moment of Zen from this crazy world, ditch the sweatpants! Instead reach for flowing, soft fabrics and comforting knits. An easy dress and slouchy cardigan is a perfect, stylish choice here. If you need an extra step to de-stress remember that the color blue is healing and calming. Low boots or comfortable ballet flats complete your fashion Xanax.

Lingerie style dress, $49.90 at Zara


Sensual is all about reveling in your five senses. What better time than Fall to get in touch (no pun intended) with luxurious textures? Bring out the knitted, chunky fabrics, the quilted leathers, the tweeds, faux fur, exotic skins, velvets and anything else that is inviting to the touch! Mix in your favorite fragrance, some falling leaves and apple cider to be transported to a world of complete perfection.

Python sleeve sweatshirt, $66 at PixieMarket


This look must always start with beautiful lingerie, even if you’re the only one to see it. Then it’s about picking your favorite color, a dress or outfit that makes you feel completely special and amazing, and choosing ONE area to reveal. Remember that a little mystery is more alluring than letting it all hang out.

Open work sandals, $99.90 at Zara

So now I ask you, which new fashion personna are you brave enough to try?

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine


Hello Stylish One! 

I’m honored to announce that week’s post is a part of the Soul*Full Summit Blog Tour, which leads up to the Soul*Full Summit hosted by Catherine Just.

I’m thrilled to be a part of an event that empowers entrepreneurs, artists and creatives to take action toward their dreams, while helping create more opportunities for people with Down syndrome. You can find out more, and join me in the Soul*Full movement by signing up for the Summit HERE.










The Soul*Full Summit  is all about living fearlessly, so in this post I thought it apropos to discuss how fear shows up in our personal style and empowerment.

At some point in your life, I’m willing to bet that you’ve experienced the following: someone in your midst made a comment scoffing fashion as superficial and shallow. Sometimes it’s a quip about preferring more cerebral (inferring lofty or important) pursuits. Perhaps you were reveling in your best style and power that day, dressed to the hilt, when that comment came pouring in like a big, soggy wet storm on an otherwise sunny summer day.

Or maybe it was you thinking this fashion stuff doesn’t matter.

It’s time to turn all that nonsense on it’s silly little head. Since fashion and style is seemingly so external, it’s understandable that some people judge it solely on it’s outward looks and appeal. I submit to you today my manifesto as to why fashion is not just a superficial endeavor, and certainly not frivolous.

Here are 3 reasons to live fearlessly with fashion, and embrace your Style Soul!

1. Fashion via your style is intertwined with your confidence

I invite you to play a game with me. Think for a moment about wearing an amazing outfit, something that expresses your full beauty and being. See all the details: the shoes, the jewels, and all the other yummy accoutrements. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in this outfit, take it all in. How do you feel? Now imagine yourself interacting with other people from this place, what does this feel like? 
Next, envision yourself wearing something old and stained, maybe ripped, something that doesn’t fit, or that you don’t like. Close your eyes again. What do you feel like now? How does this affect your interaction with others via your imaginary scenario? Would you want to meet an important client dressed this way? Or a first date?

I humbly submit to you that how you adorn yourself, your style, does matter. The feelings you have about yourself from the lovely land of your best style allow your inner light and your confidence to flourish. Though others may be impressed by your outward appearance, it’s more about the inner you shining through that they see, and respond to. When your confidence is soaring and you’re seeing the tangible benefits in your relations with others, it’s a never ending cycle of feel-goodness. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This isn’t to say that our external presence should guide our entire self esteem or confidence. It’s dangerous to sum up our multi-fabulous, multi-talented, multi-dimensional selves in one dimension alone. How do we divide ourselves when our spirit, internal and external are inexorably one? I submit to you that living your best style allows you to expand yourself in all areas of your life, which increases your confidence and overall energy that others pick up on. When you’re in this magical confidence-high energy zone you’re more apt to share your quick wit, brilliant ideas, and all the other things that make you so spectacular, Stylish One.

Photo: Alexander Shustov @Unsplash.com

2. In it’s purest form, fashion is art

You are your own canvas to be painted fresh each and every day. What a grand and exciting adventure!

Nearly everyone on the planet (nudists excluded, and babies-you get a pass too!) has to answer this question: “What am I going to wear today?” Rather than look upon it like drudgery, what if you embraced this as an opportunity to express your Style Soul?

Whether you call upon the grand designers of our generation or the designer collaborations at Target, consider the color, pattern and texture that you’re able to express with fashion, and in three dimensions, no less! There is absolute genius at hand when you can truly let go and express your inner Van Gogh via your style.

3. Fashion gives you the ability to reflect your inside on your outside 

Whatever is going on inside your cranium or emotions, consider releasing that via your style. Fashion is the expression of your unique essence and individuality. If you are true to your personal style, this can never be replicated. You can never be replicated. Give yourself permission to discover your unique style fingerprint, and then unleash it on the world! 

With Love and Style!

Jill Laine

*If you’re feeling ‘less than’ with your confidence and style right now, let’s chat. I’m offering a free 30 minute consult that will offer you tangible steps to unleash all your brilliance and beauty. Email me: Jill@JillLaineStyle.com


Hello Stylish One!

When it comes to your unique style, what do you love? What are you most grateful for?

What about your body….what’s beautiful about your delicious exterior?

So many times our focus is on what we want to change, what isn’t right, what we see as missing or wrong or imperfect.

Today I invite you to celebrate what you are doing right, what is great and special and unique about your style.

Then I encourage you to take a courageous step even further to celebrate and give thanks for all that is beautiful and perfect and right about your body, just as it is, this minute!

Now if you’re at a standstill, a quandry, with these questions…you don’t see what’s good or beautiful or right about you….let me assure you, we’ve all been there. Let me also assure you, there is a lovely abundance of answers to those Q’s, just waiting to be unleashed!

It’s at these times that it’s so important to reach for a lifeline, for some help and support. 

And here it is, right in this post! Right now I’m offering a free 30 minute Skype or phone consultation to help you discover and unleash your authentic beauty and style. 

There are no strings attached, it’s my way of giving you a big, confidence boosting hug!

Photo: www.adoptivefamiliescircle.com

All you have to do is email me to set up an appointment, Jill@JillLaineStyle.com.

Now if this offer doesn’t apply to you, but you know of someone in need, be a Dear and pass this along!

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine












Hello Stylish One!

As you can see from this historical photo, the formula for creating a Conscious Closet isn’t a new concept.

Case in point, check out this photo of Einstein. Let’s break down this formula:

In a Conscious Closet: Order + Love + Purpose + Fit = Peace

Order: Your closet is clean, aligned, and organized. What do I mean by aligned? Everything in your closet has a positive or negative energy, there is no neutral. Alignment is removing the items with a yucky, negative or stuck energy. Items that make you feel guilty because they’re still hanging around after 2 years but you haven’t worn them. Items that remind you what you ‘should’ be (more stylish, a size X). Anything around guilt, shame, or unworthiness…get rid of those items, now!

Love: These are the items you love, and those that support your USA, Unique Style Address!

Purpose: These items suit a purpose in your closet, they are usually your needed, basic items. You may not ‘Love’, but they fill in the gaps so that getting dressed is easy and effortless. Simple gray pants? Hardly earth shattering, but something you’ll pull out and wear year after year.

Fit: These items fit and flatter you, they support you in your USA (Unique Style Address) and fit your lifestyle, right now-today.

So that’s it, a pretty simple formula, no?

If you’re overwhelmed with your current closet situation, I’m available for in-person consultations in the Southern California area, or via Skype worldwide. I am a Ruthless Closet Warrior, and I love to align closets!

You can also check out my interactive eBook, The Conscious Closet, here. I’ll walk you through these steps and so much more, in depth. With the purchase of the book you’ll receive my bonus, a Style Success Journal, and access to The Conscious Closet Facebook community. This group is full of beautiful, supportive women that are also in the process of creating their own Conscious Closets.

Here’s to closet peace in your life!

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine


Hello Stylish One!

That’s a bit of a stretch for a headline, am I right? 

5 Accessories that will Change Your Life and Make You a Style Superstar….really? Yes, it’s true. These are 5 classic, yet bold accessory choices that you’ll reach for year after year to punch up your look and help you shine-shine-shine.

So without further ado, let’s do this thing! 

#1. Statement Necklace

You may be thinking that the statement necklace is a recent trend on the fashion scene. Au contraire, Stylish One. Have you heard of Cleopatra? Power Girl circa 50 BC knew how to stand out in a crowd and claim her Unique Style Address. This is a classic item, something you’ll wear throughout your personal style evolution. Pick one that represents your personality, be it bold or classic. Another option is to layer a few necklaces together to create your own custom piece.


Gothic Style Rhinestone Necklace, $49.90 at Zara.com

2. Swoon-worthy Sunnies

There’s something about a great pair of glasses that make us all wonder who’s behind them. With these you’ll appear gorgeous and mysterious, cover your puffy eyes from a late night, and evade the paparazzi. What more do you want from an accessory?

Mabel Sunglasses, $95 at WarbyParker.com

3. Tres Chic Scarf

Nothing is more chic than a beautiful scarf. These instantly transform a bland or basic look into something pulled together and special. I’m a huge fan of the Hermes silk variety, though this horizontal style by Theodora and Callum is fantastic for everyday, year ’round use. These can be worn in the typical fashion, or tied into a top, dress, or skirt (making it super for travel!) Not just for your neck anymore, this is the scarf that does triple-plus duty.


Nairobi Tie All Scarf, $175 at TheodoraandCallum.com 

4. An Apres-5pm Bag

Don’t do it. I know it’s tempting, to drag your day bag out at night instead of taking the time to switch it out. Not only does your day bag drag down your evening outfit, the weight takes a toll on your back and shoulders when worn for 15 hours. Pull your look together and give yourself a break by busting out something fun and light, be it metallic, an animal print, a bright color, or this lacy lucite number below.


Lacy Lucite Bag, $51 at PixieMarket.com

5. Signature Watch

A great watch is a lifetime treasure. It can be your everyday signature accessory, like Jackie O’s glasses or Jane Birkin’s bag. Invest in a good one that you love and will cherish for years. 

Cartier Wristwatch circa 1970s, 1stDibs.com

6. Power Ring

So I lied. I simply can’t get this list down to 5 Accessories. Consider this your bonus, a power ring. What’s more meaningful and sentimental than a ring? From the engagement variety to 18th century mourning rings that were worn in memorium to the deceased beloved, there’s something about looking at one’s hand and seeing a kick ass ring that instantly reminds us of our beauty and power.


Kelly Wearstler Alesandro Ring, $195 at KellyWearstler.com

If you need help building your Accessory Arsenal, you’ve come to the right place. I work with clients in person, via Skype and with virtual shopping. Drop me a line at Jill@JillLaineStyle.com to schedule or for more info. 

With Love and Style!

Jill Laine