3 Reasons to Live Fearlessly with Fashion and Embrace Your Style Soul!

by jlaine on October 8, 2013

Hello Stylish One! 

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The Soul*Full Summit  is all about living fearlessly, so in this post I thought it apropos to discuss how fear shows up in our personal style and empowerment.

At some point in your life, I’m willing to bet that you’ve experienced the following: someone in your midst made a comment scoffing fashion as superficial and shallow. Sometimes it’s a quip about preferring more cerebral (inferring lofty or important) pursuits. Perhaps you were reveling in your best style and power that day, dressed to the hilt, when that comment came pouring in like a big, soggy wet storm on an otherwise sunny summer day.

Or maybe it was you thinking this fashion stuff doesn’t matter.

It’s time to turn all that nonsense on it’s silly little head. Since fashion and style is seemingly so external, it’s understandable that some people judge it solely on it’s outward looks and appeal. I submit to you today my manifesto as to why fashion is not just a superficial endeavor, and certainly not frivolous.

Here are 3 reasons to live fearlessly with fashion, and embrace your Style Soul!

1. Fashion via your style is intertwined with your confidence

I invite you to play a game with me. Think for a moment about wearing an amazing outfit, something that expresses your full beauty and being. See all the details: the shoes, the jewels, and all the other yummy accoutrements. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in this outfit, take it all in. How do you feel? Now imagine yourself interacting with other people from this place, what does this feel like? 
Next, envision yourself wearing something old and stained, maybe ripped, something that doesn’t fit, or that you don’t like. Close your eyes again. What do you feel like now? How does this affect your interaction with others via your imaginary scenario? Would you want to meet an important client dressed this way? Or a first date?

I humbly submit to you that how you adorn yourself, your style, does matter. The feelings you have about yourself from the lovely land of your best style allow your inner light and your confidence to flourish. Though others may be impressed by your outward appearance, it’s more about the inner you shining through that they see, and respond to. When your confidence is soaring and you’re seeing the tangible benefits in your relations with others, it’s a never ending cycle of feel-goodness. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This isn’t to say that our external presence should guide our entire self esteem or confidence. It’s dangerous to sum up our multi-fabulous, multi-talented, multi-dimensional selves in one dimension alone. How do we divide ourselves when our spirit, internal and external are inexorably one? I submit to you that living your best style allows you to expand yourself in all areas of your life, which increases your confidence and overall energy that others pick up on. When you’re in this magical confidence-high energy zone you’re more apt to share your quick wit, brilliant ideas, and all the other things that make you so spectacular, Stylish One.

Photo: Alexander Shustov @Unsplash.com

2. In it’s purest form, fashion is art

You are your own canvas to be painted fresh each and every day. What a grand and exciting adventure!

Nearly everyone on the planet (nudists excluded, and babies-you get a pass too!) has to answer this question: “What am I going to wear today?” Rather than look upon it like drudgery, what if you embraced this as an opportunity to express your Style Soul?

Whether you call upon the grand designers of our generation or the designer collaborations at Target, consider the color, pattern and texture that you’re able to express with fashion, and in three dimensions, no less! There is absolute genius at hand when you can truly let go and express your inner Van Gogh via your style.

3. Fashion gives you the ability to reflect your inside on your outside 

Whatever is going on inside your cranium or emotions, consider releasing that via your style. Fashion is the expression of your unique essence and individuality. If you are true to your personal style, this can never be replicated. You can never be replicated. Give yourself permission to discover your unique style fingerprint, and then unleash it on the world! 

With Love and Style!

Jill Laine

*If you’re feeling ‘less than’ with your confidence and style right now, let’s chat. I’m offering a free 30 minute consult that will offer you tangible steps to unleash all your brilliance and beauty. Email me: Jill@JillLaineStyle.com

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Laura October 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm

You’re so right, Jill! Style is really artistic and thinking about it that way can make us feel a little less scared. It’s about fun and creative expression, not about perfection. And perhaps that’s why certain pieces are scary – because they’re not really expressing us. Like the skintight satin minidress I bought in college. I’ve never worn it because I’m afraid of it. And maybe I shouldn’t wear it – it doesn’t feel like it expresses me at all. It feels like a costume. Maybe that’s why I’m scared of it, because it’s just not meant to be.


jlaine October 14, 2013 at 5:25 pm

Hi Laura! Yes, style is so artistic, and like art, deeply personal. There’s a fine line between pushing the envelope with our style and experimenting with new things vs. venturing into territory that doesn’t represent who we are at all. It sounds like that dress may be such an item. Here’s an idea, do you have a black skirt that you can put on over the dress, making it less tight and bodycon? This is especially flattering if a little bit of the dress peeks out from under the skirt. Pair it with the skirt over the dress, some patterned tights, booties and a slouchy oversized cardigan or blazer. Et voila, dress transformed and be-fitting your super style!


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