7 Top Secret Tips for What to Wear while Losing Weight

by jlaine on September 5, 2013

Hello Stylish One!

One of the chief complaints I hear from my clients that are losing weight is that they enter the dreaded “I don’t have anything to wear” zone while they are shedding pounds. The old sizes no longer fit (yay!), yet the goal weight is still a few months away.

Here are my tips for making this transitional time stylish, and yes! even fun:

1. Buy S/M/L instead of specific sizes

When you need to buy clothing at that in-between stage, find your size in S,M,L, as these will fit you as you go through a variety of sizes. Avoid anything with one specific size, such as a 10 or a 12.

2. Spandex and Elastic are your friends

Far from sexy sounding, choose fabrics with spandex for stretch and elastic waistbands when possible. These are forgiving, and again, will fit you in a variety of sizes.

3. Maxi Dresses are masters of disguise

Right now, choose a maxi dress and wear it with a cropped denim jacket or cardigan. Later, you’ll wear the same dress with a waist cinching belt to show off your new shape.
You can also choose a floaty knee length dress to accomplish this same task. The point is that the dress is loose, not tight. That being said, don’t don a big tented number and expect that to solve your problem. To look smaller, you’ll need pieces that have some shape.

4. If you carry your weight in your stomach:

Empire waist dresses and tops tie just under your bust and will give the illusion of a small waist (your waist just being higher up) while hiding your tummy. Avoid anything that is tight around the tummy or adds extra weight there. That means no belts, at least for now!

5. If you carry your weight in your derriere and thighs:

Wear A-line skirts and dresses as much as possible. Pants with pockets add volume, as does any kind of shiny fabric, these will make you appear larger. Opt instead for matte, darker fabrics on your bottom half.

6. Save your money as a special treat to propel you toward your goal weight

Treat yourself to accessories, such as bags, jewelry and shoes. These are the items that will work for you, no matter what your size. Go cheap chic with your clothing, as you’re moving through these sizes and don’t need these pieces to last you for the long term. 

7. And the tip I love the most, my personal fave:
Accept your body as it is, right now. Let go of all the guilt, the frustration, and love yourself as you are in this moment. You will still lose the weight…you’ll get there, it’s just a kinder and gentler path. 
To stay motivated, start a style journal and wax philosophical about the new you, and your new weight. What will it feel like to be at this weight, to wear a size X? What will this new you look forward to wearing? What new styles and trends do you want to try that you haven’t been able to wear before? What new parts of your personality will you unleash with this change, and what will that look like in your style? Writing these dreams and goals will help you stay on your path and keep you motivated for success!

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Here’s to being Healthy, Happy, and Stylish!

With Love and Style,
Jill Laine

If you need coaching support with your confidence and style as you lose weight, contact me at Jill@JillLaineStyle.com for a 30 minute complimentary Skype session. You can tell me your struggles, and I’ll put together a plan for you to achieve grand success!

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