Hello Stylish One! 

Well I never. Like to be called cheap and easy. Unless it has to do with style, then I’m all about it.

Even though it still feels like summer in most places, soon we’ll all be waking up to crisp mornings and pumpkins and their respective lattes hearlding the arrival of fall. Is your wardrobe ready? This change in weather doesn’t require a major shift in your closet just yet, so you can still enjoy many of your summer items with these simple tips: 

Summer to Fall Style Segue 

Summer: Floral, striped and printed dresses in chiffon, cotton, or jersey.
Fall: Add opaque tights, boots, bomber or motorcycle jacket

Bomber Jacket with quilted sleeves, $179 at PixieMarket.com 

Summer: Ruffled chiffon blouses or loose peasant tops.
Fall: Mix in jeans or leggings, a leather vest or military jacket, and ankle boots.

Gray ankle boot, $159 at Zara.com 

Summer: Denim Shorts or a Skirt.
Fall: Add patterned tights, an thin cabled V-neck sweater, a textured scarf, and a pair of oxfords.
Or, try a thigh high boot, crisp white shirt, and trench coat.

Knit Sweater, $34.95,  H&M.com 

Summed up, here are 5 items that will carry your Summer wardrobe well into Fall: 

1. Tights or Leggings
2. Textured Scarves
3. Boots
4. Vests
5. Mixed Textures Bomber Jacket, Motorcycle Jacket, or Trench Coat 

What’s your favorite piece that you’re looking forward to wearing this fall? Leave me a comment to let me know… 

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine


Hello Stylish One!

One of the chief complaints I hear from my clients that are losing weight is that they enter the dreaded “I don’t have anything to wear” zone while they are shedding pounds. The old sizes no longer fit (yay!), yet the goal weight is still a few months away.

Here are my tips for making this transitional time stylish, and yes! even fun:

1. Buy S/M/L instead of specific sizes

When you need to buy clothing at that in-between stage, find your size in S,M,L, as these will fit you as you go through a variety of sizes. Avoid anything with one specific size, such as a 10 or a 12.

2. Spandex and Elastic are your friends

Far from sexy sounding, choose fabrics with spandex for stretch and elastic waistbands when possible. These are forgiving, and again, will fit you in a variety of sizes.

3. Maxi Dresses are masters of disguise

Right now, choose a maxi dress and wear it with a cropped denim jacket or cardigan. Later, you’ll wear the same dress with a waist cinching belt to show off your new shape.
You can also choose a floaty knee length dress to accomplish this same task. The point is that the dress is loose, not tight. That being said, don’t don a big tented number and expect that to solve your problem. To look smaller, you’ll need pieces that have some shape.

4. If you carry your weight in your stomach:

Empire waist dresses and tops tie just under your bust and will give the illusion of a small waist (your waist just being higher up) while hiding your tummy. Avoid anything that is tight around the tummy or adds extra weight there. That means no belts, at least for now!

5. If you carry your weight in your derriere and thighs:

Wear A-line skirts and dresses as much as possible. Pants with pockets add volume, as does any kind of shiny fabric, these will make you appear larger. Opt instead for matte, darker fabrics on your bottom half.

6. Save your money as a special treat to propel you toward your goal weight

Treat yourself to accessories, such as bags, jewelry and shoes. These are the items that will work for you, no matter what your size. Go cheap chic with your clothing, as you’re moving through these sizes and don’t need these pieces to last you for the long term. 

7. And the tip I love the most, my personal fave:
Accept your body as it is, right now. Let go of all the guilt, the frustration, and love yourself as you are in this moment. You will still lose the weight…you’ll get there, it’s just a kinder and gentler path. 
To stay motivated, start a style journal and wax philosophical about the new you, and your new weight. What will it feel like to be at this weight, to wear a size X? What will this new you look forward to wearing? What new styles and trends do you want to try that you haven’t been able to wear before? What new parts of your personality will you unleash with this change, and what will that look like in your style? Writing these dreams and goals will help you stay on your path and keep you motivated for success!

Photo: sixbluepetals.wordpress.com

Here’s to being Healthy, Happy, and Stylish!

With Love and Style,
Jill Laine

If you need coaching support with your confidence and style as you lose weight, contact me at Jill@JillLaineStyle.com for a 30 minute complimentary Skype session. You can tell me your struggles, and I’ll put together a plan for you to achieve grand success!


What’s Your Style Superpower?

by jlaine on August 28, 2013

Hello Stylish One!

Don’t be shy. We’ve all got a Style Superpower. It’s an area where we shine, the place where style comes to us effortlessly and with ease. Read the list below to see which SS you possess, then leave me a comment to let me know. Even better, invent your own to share.

And now…let’s dare to unleash the Superpowers!

Does your closet appear like a Plain Jane: neutrals and simple items, until….you unleash your shoes (BAM!), whip out your statement necklace (POW!), or unleash a spectacular bag (ZING!)? Are you constantly bombarded by complements on your accessories? Can you take a simple outfit and effortlessly throw it together to look like a million?
Well then, I crown you….. Accessofab!

Accessofab would approve of these pink rhinestone ears, $28 at Baublebar.com

Do you breathe for vintage? Can you leap small and tall buildings for pre-owned, withstand brisk 6am flea market stalls, negotiate like the fate of the world depended upon it, and recite important events in history as they relate to fashion?
You, dear one, I crown…..Vintagella!

Vintagella would most definitely swoon over this Cartier scarf, $370 at Vintage by Misty

Do you have a an intuitive ability to find the best sales? Are you able to hone your laser eyesight to find the diamond in the rough, the one or two sensational items in an otherwise bleak pile of  last season’s duds?  Do you instantly teleport yourself to the SOTS (scene of the sale) and sweet-talk your way in ahead of the other shoppers?
If so, then I officially crown you…. the Bargainizer!

The Barganizer would dig this check pleated skirt, $33.75 at ASOS, originally $70.88

Do you inspire the hipsters and trend setters? Are you able to transport your coolness so far into the future to instinctively know what the next big looks will be? Are the trends that are ‘right now’ stuff that you were wearing 5 years ago?
If so then I crown you…. Archcoolologie!

Archcoolologie has mad love for this Olympia Le Tan bag, 90 Euro at Colette.fr

So there you have it, Stylish One. A few of the Style Superpowers to be on the lookout for. If you’re struggling to discover yours at this time, send me an email at Jill@JillLaineStyle.com to set up a 15 minute complementary Skype consultation where we can discuss the steps to discover and unleash your best style!

Here’s to superpowers, especially the stylish kind,

And always,

To Your Style!

Jill Laine


Hello Stylish One!

You’ve heard me preach it oh-so-many times. De-clutter your closet, transform your life. But can this be true? And how? Well, it’s like this: everything in your closet has either a postive or negative energy, there is no neutral. So you’re either filling your closet with, and wearing, items that support you, or items that detract from your brilliance and beauty.

Our closets are filled with the emotions of guilt and shame, especially for us as women. Guilt that we bought it and didn’t wear it, shame that we’re no longer a size X, and of course all the compounded guilt for not living up to the marketing messages that bombard us everyday: you must have this bag to be ‘it’, you must be this size to be beautiful, and blah blah blah. 

So what to do? Clean out that closet! It’s a transformative life experience. Once your closet is aligned and overflowing with only positive energy, you become unstuck and things will start to flow in other areas of your life. I go into much greater detail in my interactive eBook program: The Conscious Closet, you can find out more about it here

Today, I want to give you my 3 T’s: these will help you through your closet clean up and can be used in other areas of your home as well!

Treasures: These are the items you love. Dear, sweet, and passionate love. The items that fit and flatter you. The items that support your lifestyle. And some items that you  need, basics, that fill in the holes in your wardrobe. 

Treats: These are the items that no longer serve you. You may not love them, or they no longer fit or suit your lifestyle. These items are in great condition, so you can treat them to a friend or charity of choice. Bless and release!

Trash: These items are not in good condition. There are holes or other major problems not worth fixing. Moreover, nobody wants these items, so it’s best to toss ‘em out!

This week on ‘The List’, I visited a new mom and helped her sort her closet with the 3 T’s, you can watch it here:









Here’s to peace and positive energy in your closet!

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine



Hello Stylish Ones!

Every July and into August I get a fever. And unlike Christopher Walken in the infamous SNL skit, the cure isn’t cowbell, it’s boots. I gotta know what new boots are coming ’round that I can eagerly anticipate, dream about, and fawn over. I thought you might just be the same, boot crazy. So here are my best picks thus far for you, complete with marching instructions on how to wear them. 

These are the everything boot for Fall '13. Jessa ankle boots by Jeffrey Campbell at Pixiemarket, $228.


Green faux croc ankle boots, $228 at Pixiemarket

Green boots, you gasp? Yes, I say with calm certainty. Wear these with gray, navy, camel (swoon), black and white houndstooth, and tartan prints.
Best For: strutting your stuff, kicking him (or any other bad habit) to the curb

These boots are a classic, with a simple studded chevron pattern. Schutz Aliria Studded Boots for $275 at Shopbop.

Aliria studded boot, $275 at Shopbop

Think studs can’t be feminine? Think again, here’s a pair with a delicate chevron pattern that proves my point. Wear with floral prints, lace, denim, and of course, leather.
Best For: shopping at the Farmer’s Market, taking your best Selfie of all time

Over-the-knee boots are trending again this fall, if you love the look then there's no better pair than these by Stuart Weitzman at Shopbop, $625.


Over-the-knee leopard boots, $625 at Shopbop

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that over-the-knee boots are back yet again for F/W ’13. As is gray. As is leopard. Get all three here and look no further. Wear with wine, green, red, and chunky knits.
Best For: a subtle yet sexy vibe, giving your friends a legitimate case of boot envy, eating cronuts

So what do you think? What boots are you most anticipating busting out this fall? Leave me a comment below, and check out my Pinterest board, Besotted by Boots, for more of my picks.

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine


Hello Stylish One!

Do you follow the One Year Rule? Y’know, we’ve all heard it before:
If you haven’t worn item X in one year, it’s time to chuck it from your closet.
This rule drives me batty. It’s got to be one of the most inane, insane, non-sensical urban legends ever unleashed on the good citizens of our society. 

The One-Year Rule and why I think you should break it

Here’s 3 reasons this rule doesn’t work:

1. Life is too short to wrack your brain to remember when you last wore this piece.

Really. Perhaps what I’m most peeved about here is that you can remember back that far. 

2. It doesn’t account for Love.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this from clients: “I haven’t worn this (item X) in ages, but I looove it!” The next logical question is: Why aren’t you wearing it? Though there’s no simple answer, many times it’s because they can’t see it, or they don’t remember where it is. Outta sight, outta mind.

This is where having a Conscious Closet solves that dilemma: you know what you have, why you have it, and where it is. All three are paramount to closet peace.

3. Just because you wear something all the time doesn’t stop it from being bad: dated, worn, or ill fitting.

Sometimes you don’t see your beloved family or friends for 6 months or a year, but you don’t throw them out. And so it is with your clothes. Perhaps this is a tad dramatic, but it makes a point.

You can still love an item but not wear it for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you don’t know exactly how to wear it. Or perhaps you’re experimenting and enjoying a different style at the moment. That certainly doesn’t mean you have to banish this item from your closet forever. Chances are you’ll circle back around to a blissful reunion when you’re ready.

Finally, for whatever reason, if you have an aversion (resistance or block) to wearing this item, then it’s best to release it from your life. And if you need more assistance in knowing what to keep and where to keep it, check out my interactive eBook, “The Conscious Closet“.

Here’s to breaking all the style rules,

and always,

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine
99% of the items in my closet are older than this kid. But none are quite as cute!


Hello Stylish One!

It happens every year ’round this time. You’ve been wearing your summer-lovin’ goodies for months, and fall fashions seem miles away. But one morning you wake up and it hits you: all those shorts and dresses you’ve been frolicking in seem as appetizing to your style as  a can of split-pea soup to your Pinterest-recipe-pinning, organic-farmer’s-market-grubbing, fanatical-food-truck-twitter-stalking taste buds. Blech. So whaddya do during a seasonal low…when your former ‘Loves’ turn into ‘Duds’?

Allow me to introduce 3 options that will enliven your now summer wardrobe and take you all the way through fall. They’re like a shot of B-12 for your style. Mix these with the items that you’re weary of wearing for a jolt of excitement and deliciousness.

Enter Item #1: The Golden Boot

Who needs ruby slippers when you have golden boots? These are light and easy, just right for summer, but they’ll be just as sought after come fall with tights, sweaters, and skirts. And PS: they have a concealed wedge. Vertically challenged gals, rejoice!




             Golden Leather Boots from Zara, $129

Enter Item #2: The Sheer Lace Top

This top is sheer organza, so it’s cool during the hottest summer days. Wear it now with a cami, white shorts, and sun hat. Wear it later with black leather jeans and a houndstooth printed vest. 


                      Lula Organza Blouse from PixieMarket, $40

Enter Item #3: The Icy Statement Necklace

Sure, those statement necklaces with neon and color are fun….for now. But when fall rolls around you’ll want something that you can wear with your darker colors and neutrals, such as this nice piece of ice. For summer, this offers a bit of shimmer, a not too-obtuse or aggrandizing kind of bling. 

Glitzy and glamorous, this striking necklace works a party vibe à la Studio 54. $40 at Bauble Bar.  

                          Disco Ice Necklace at BaubleBar, $40

So there you have it, m’Lovelies! Tell me what items help get you through the Summer Style Doldrums, leave me a comment below.

And if you find your closet continually filled with more Duds than Loves, you need more than just a quick style pick-me-up. Check out my interactive eBook: The Conscious Closet here, or at www.TheConsciousCloset.com.

Here’s to Loving the Season and Loving Your Style!

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine


Are You Owning Your Style Power?

by jlaine on July 23, 2013

Coco Chanel: a Style Icon that danced
to the beat of her own unique style drum.


Hello Stylish One!

I love this famous quote by Marianne Williamson:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”Just last week I was talking to another client about her personal style, and how she would define it. She said something along the lines of “Well, people here don’t dress the way that I want to dress, so I conform to what they wear so that I won’t stick out. But I’m really unfulfilled with my style, since I’m not getting to express myself.” Sigh.

I’ve talked to dozen of women with the same exact story. It’s odd to me, I don’t know when we all signed this mysterious pledge to conform with our style. If we do dress to the drum of our own Style Soul, what will happen? We’ll catch a strange stare, a glance askance or two? And then what will happen?

Oddly enough, I don’t think it’s other people that influence us to dress the way we do. Instead, I think we hold ourselves back. When we are shining brightly, fully owning our beauty and style, it’s POWERFUL. It’s a feeling that can be unfamiliar, and quite uncomfortable. At it’s extreme, it can lead to self destructive behaviors when that little voice inside whispers “Who do you think YOU are?” We can blame other people for this peer pressure to take it down a notch, when in reality we have to come to terms with being comfortable in our own divine skin, our own amazing style, and all our extravagant magnificence.

The grand finale to Marianne’s above quote is this: “We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

I hope you’ll join me this week in stepping outside your comfort zone, and wearing something that makes you feel beautiful and unleashes your Style Soul. Own your power, and revel in it!

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine

PS: For more tips on discovering your USA and unleashing your style power, check out my interative eBook program, ‘The Conscious Closet‘, here.


Hello Stylish One!
Carl Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate.”
So how does this philosophy of consciousness affect your style and closet?

Closet Angst

When I mention the word ‘Closet’, what do you do? Grimace in pain? Roll your eyes? Reach for a drink? Through my own informal survey, I’ve noticed that most people feel some sort of shame or guilt about their closet. When  people hear that I’m a Wardrobe Stylist and Closet Expert, they begin to confess to me their perceived closet sins in rapid fire succession.

This was the inspiration that birthed my eBook, The Conscious Closet. Like my one-on-one clients, I wanted to give people the tools to say “I love my closet”, and feel a sense of happiness and connected-ness to that important part of their life and identity.
If you need closet therapy, you’ve come to the right place. In The Conscious Closet, I give you the exact, step-by-step tools that you need to be able to create a closet that you love, and one that you can live with happily ever after.

Photo: aprettylife13.blogspot.com

The consciousness or awareness tool that I want to offer you today is about WhyWhat and Where:

Why does this item deserve to remain in your closet?
Do you love this item? Does it fit and flatter you? Does it fit with your current level of sophistication and lifestyle?

What items are in your closet?
Do you have 17 pairs of black skinny jeans? You need to know what you already have before you buy one more thing.

Where are the items in your closet?
Why and What are of the utmost importance, but all is lost unless you know Where your items are. Organizing your closet helps you know exactly where to find what you want, when you want it….which makes getting dressed easy and effortless.

Awareness begins when the Why, What, and
Where align. And where there is awareness and alignment, all the dark spooky shadows and shame have to flee.

To find out more about The Conscious Closet, and join our members-only community, click here.

Here’s to creating a closet, and life, that you love!

With Love and Style,
Jill Laine


The Conscious Closet has Arrived!

by jlaine on June 21, 2013

What’s Your Closet Type?

In my new interactive eBook program, The Conscious Closet, I discuss how most people tend towards one of 10 closet types. 

Here’s a sample of four, do you see yourself (or someone else) in these?

The Hoarder: You keep everything but the kitchen sink in your closet. Well, maybe that too if you dig deep enough. Old boxes, dry cleaning bags, price tags, and other extraneous items vie for space with your treasures. There’s nothing I live for more than sinking my skills into the closet of a hoarder. 

The Shopper: You keep buying items but have nothing to wear. You have a keen eye and some lovely pieces, but too many items and you don’t know how to pull your outfits together to express your style. 

The Fluctuator: You have at least 5 different sizes in your closet. You’re up and down in weight so you keep everything just to make sure you have something to wear. You are constantly in a state of losing 10 pounds. You feel badly about yourself because you can’t get off this roller coaster.  

The Tornado: Your closet looks like gale force winds touched down. You don’t know what you have or where you have it due to the mess and lack of organization. Some of your items are wrinkled and even damaged from this chaos. 

I address all 10 of these types in The Conscious Closet, and give you the tools to banish these behaviors and create an organized closet that supports you.

Your very own Conscious Closet

To get your copy of The Conscious Closet, and join our members-only community on Facebook, buy your copy here.

Photo: LiftUpThyNeighbor.com

With Love and Style,

Jill Laine